Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Restoring sanity to veganism

Parts of this post are taken from this post at the Seitanic Vegan blog I am a co-admin at.

I'd like to devote this post to talking about veganism. I was inspired to write this post by my co-admin of the blog linked above complaining about nobody reading said blog. The thing here is that nobody who isn't into veganism doesn't like to read about it, and there's a reason for that. Let's face facts here, veganism isn't commonly associated with normal, good, decent people eating a different diet. It is associated with nutjobs like PETA, the Animal Liberation Front, people who throw buckets of red paint at others, people who demonstrate at McDonalds, people who call everyone else murderers and animal abusers, people who, if you mention eating a non-vegan diet to them, use every slur in the book to paint you as a horrible bigot and "speciesist" as they like to call it. People who use their lifestyle choice to feel morally superior to others. People who want everyone else to be just like them, and if they refuse, they're worse than Hitler. In short: Assholes.

This, in a nutshell, is why regular people avoid veganism, avoid reading about veganism, and avoid talking to vegans. Because they don't want to waste their time with assholes and don't want to become assholes themselves by association. The public image of vegans and veganism is somewhat akin to nutjob cults like Scientology, being this brainwashed mass of zombies with no free will or purpose beyond what they are fed by the cult and whose only goal in life is to indoctrinate others. No one wants to become such a person, no one wants to talk to such persons, no one wants to be associated with such persons. Why would they? The people and organisations mentioned in the first paragraph are worthless scumbags and I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with them in any way despite my dietary choices.

So what we need to do here is restore sanity to veganism. First, to shun such people described above in every possible way. And second, bring to the public's minds normal, decent people such as ourselves who made our choice for a variety of reasons, but not to see ourselves as morally superior or others as morally inferior, and not to indoctrinate your loved ones into a soulless cult of obedient drones. Regular people, no better or worse than anyone, who simply eat different food than most people but are otherwise just like everyone else. People of all colours, cultures, classes and creeds. People who won't hate or condemn you if you eat a steak or an omelette, but simply make a different choice of what to have for dinner. People such as myself, my Seitanic Vegan co-admin and girlfriend, and many others who have a sane approach to veganism. And believe me, sane vegans are by far the majority, they are simply drowned out by the more vocal, loudmouth nutjobs who hog all the attention. And this post is my first step towards diverting attention from PETA and its braindead cronies and shift the focus of the public towards those who don't misuse veganism to give their miserable lives a purpose and a feeling of moral superiority, but simply want to live their lives like everybody else.

As for myself, I am not actually fully vegan yet. I did quit eating meat altogether, and I have quit eating eggs, and I gave up most dairy (cheese, yogurt, etc.), but because in Germany soy milk is twice as expensive as cow milk and I drink a lot of tea I am currently still using cow milk while I am short on cash. I am hoping that within the next three months I gain the financial security to embrace veganism fully. Still, considering that a bit of cow milk every day is the only non-vegan vice I have left in my life I am hoping to be able to contribute to this blog properly.

I am the type of person who, not only because my venture into vegetarianism and soon veganism is fairly recent, but also because I currently see insurmountable odds, am not particularly preachy about this choice. The reason I see the odds as so overwhelmingly against veganism is because, quite frankly, most of us haven't even learned yet to treat other human beings with respect. We can't even manage to do that. We still hurt people because of the colour of their skin, insult them for what type of relationships they desire, enslave them because of what continent they were born on, exploit them because of what social class they were born into, and so on. All the while toasting our planet, poisoning our oceans and decimating our forests. It's obvious the vast majority of us are nowhere near mature enough to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Gloomy outlooks aside, while we can't make choices on how others run their lives, we can still make choices on how to run our own lives. We might not save the world or even make a dent in the system of decadence our vast majority embraces, but we can live our lives in a way that feels good for us. We can make sure not to gorge ourselves on poison that causes all sorts of diseases, decreases our quality of life and contributes to making us less happy altogether. And why shouldn't we? You have to weigh what you are losing - chunks of chewy stuff that without spices doesn't taste much like anything - and what you are gaining - a rich diet full of flavours and textures. And an overwhelming abundance of nutrients, most of which you didn't even know existed.

I have made this choice to live a healthier life by adding all these nutrients and removing all the poisons that come with animal products, and to live a more satisfying, rewarding life by treating myself to all these different flavours and textures. It's not a choice I made to save the world in between tree-hugging sessions, it's a choice I made for myself, to help me feel better, or more succinctly put, to make my life better. I think this is something everybody could get into, but they don't have to. Besides one brother, all of my family and friends eat meat and animal products, it's no big deal to me. They simply made a different choice than me, and that makes them no better or worse than me, and I am not going to judge or condemn them, because they aren't actually doing anything wrong. They are just living their lives the way they enjoy it, as we all should. Of course I would like veganism to be on the increase, and I'm pretty sure it is, but why harass people and make them feel uncomfortable at best and aggravated at worst just because they live their lives differently? Isn't that how most vegans complain we are treated? Shouldn't we treat others the way we would like to be treated?

So here's my offer: Show up at The Seitanic Vegan some time, read our posts, find out more if you're curious. If you don't want to, that's fine, too. We're not here to push our lifestyles on you. And seriously, fuck PETA.


  1. Salutations from Iran bro.
    I also used to be vegetarian, and then vegan, but soon I did quit.
    after 6 months of being a vegan I was called to the military service, so I no longer could follow a vegan diet.
    now that after 21 months it is finished, I've become more interested in Paleo (or caveman) diet which is a diet based on what our ancestors used to eat during paleolithic era.
    it's a diet coded into our genes somehow! there's so many great info about it on the net just search for it. and you can read Dr. Cordain's books.

    1. In every place and everywhere in the world should be guaranteed the freedom of choice regarding what to eat...but the world is still shit, some field even more (military is one of them).

  2. You're wrong about who are the "assholes". The ones who provoke first are, in 99,9% of the cases, the so called omnivores, just if they have known you are vegan or even only vegetarian. Or if you say to them that you don't eat animals by choice: they begin to make "questions" about the issue, and "why?" and "the sense" and blablablabla. Also, do you think noone should demonstrate in every way they want to support and spread the ideas in which they believed? McDonald's is good for you? And the ones of ALF are HEROES, and surely are the ones of PETA, a peaceful organization that make INFORMATION, investigations etc. without any violence, neither physical nor verbal. Apart from parallel with the such of Hitler or so, if one really believe in certain ideas and way of living (generally not only in the diet field), how could really think and judge as good some person, especially the ones who provoke for first etc.? Some make certain choices to feel "superior" to others? Wrong again, the great part does just what they think is fair, and sometimes try to explain to others, with coherence and nothing else.

  3. In short, the ideas that the "mass" has about veg still nowadays, it's just a problem of theirs, due to ignorance, prejudices etc., not a problem of vegs or the truth about them (or at least the great part of them).

  4. With your approach you will never bring a single person to change or event think about some arguments, you will always make them think "ok...they're not normal, they don't undestand a thing, they're only a bunch of idiots, probably they're the first to not really believed in such ideas and diet, for they are not really fighting for it, promote it to others etc....but they are harmless, so no problem...let's pity them...". Instead many have change their point of view looking at the videos by PETA, ALF and others, about slaughterhouse, fur factory etc.etc. Think again your ideas about the issue.

  5. All considerations based on what I have observed over time, what we read on the web between the two "sides" etc., not to defend my position or choice, since I'm not even a vegetarian at the time (i eat some fish sometimes, not land animals at all).